Wednesday, November 20, 2013

YOU DON'T KNOW ME (The Fabulous Echoes)

(From Youtube / Mr Rainbow 64 / 21jun2010) The Fabulous Echoes were Cliff Foenander from Sri Lanka, Stanley Robertson from Scotland, Tony & Danny Ruivivar, Terry Lucido Jr and Bert Segum from The Philippines. The group started their music career in Hong Kong and moved on to Hawaii, Los Angeles and there has been several changes to the members over the years. The group is still active in the entertainment circuit in Vegas today and has taken on a new name as The Society of Seven. The recording of this medley of songs, You Don't Know Me and Cuando Calienta El Sol was made at the Duke Kahanmoku Club, largest in famed Wakiki Beach.

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  1. WE were the original members of the fabulous Echoes,,it was a hot summer night ?we decided to go to the roof -top to cool off,I brought a guitar
    My brother Reny brought a Ukelele Danny boy brought a snare drum,and the Leader of the group?is Tony Ruivivar,all in all;three Ruivivar,brothes and two Dizon brothers,completes the fabulous Echoes,but our original name was ?The Rock & Rollers,we did a stint in ,Ceylon,which is now Sri Lanka,our boss Mr.Donovan Andre,owns the Orchid Room,and the Green Rooms,a very popular spot for Sri Lankan teen-agers,we were housed in a Dilapidated Hotel,called ;The Bristol Hotel,we complain to our boss cuz there are lots of cracks on the floorings,and we all moved to Wallace Place,a small motel;by the way,we left Hong kong on a Italian ship,named 'Victoria" onwned by Loylld Trestino,it took us nine days at sea,to reach Sri Lankawe did floor shows combine with other cabaret performers;Our Boss has big plans,and was going to bring us all ,to Europe,to do Cabaret shows there?But Tragedy struck our boss,He was found with stones inside his bladder,cuz he is a hard drinker,but he was like a father to all of us,we trully miss him,his generosity is uncalled for,even ordinary laborer,in Sri Lanka loves him;cuz he is a very kind and understanding person,after three month?we took a KLM ;and flew back to Hong Kong.