Saturday, July 2, 2011


From Singapore 60`s Andy`s Pop Music Influence:
One of the prettiest lady singers in Hong Kong in the mid 70s is Esther Chan. She is an exceptionally talented person with tight vocals, clear diction, a powerful but yet beautiful voice that is able to interpret a music version of, The Lord's Prayer. Comparatively, she's as handsome as Zoe Saldana, the on screen persona of Neytiri in Avatar, James Cameron's latest adventure into the unknown. Chen Yi De has been singing since the late 60s and according to a blog, she is still appearing in nightclubs in Hong Kong up to 2007. Coming from Guangdong in China, she was never interested in music as a youth but developed a love for it later in her life...

TOP 10 PAGEVIEWS (Month of June)

...and the number 01 is... Esther Chan ... Congratulations, Esther!!!

01 LET ME TRY AGAIN (Esther Chan)
02 A Place in the Sun (Agnes Chan)
03 I Want to Hold Your Hand (The Charlie Santos Group)
04 Greenfields (Felicia Wong)
05 Love Me Warm and Tender (Kong Ling and The Fabulous Echoes)
06 Sayonara (Tracy Huang)
07 All Kinds of Everything (Frances Yip)
08 The Look of Love (Tony Orchez)
09 I Wonder Why (Rebecca Pan)
10 With a Girl Like You (Teddy Robin and The Playboys)

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