Saturday, December 25, 2010

I THINK OF HER (The Kontinentals)

(From Wikipedia) Imported pop music in English language from the West such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Johnny Mathis enjoyed much popularity in Hong Kong. Inspired by many imported pop music from the West, Hong Kong artists started to produce Hong Kong’s own pop music in English in the 1960s. The Kontinentals, a schoolboy band originating at King George V School, is often credited with being the first Hong Kong band to record original compositions in the style of British pop of the early 1960s. Lead singer and bassist Anders Nelsson and lead guitarist Roy Davenport, composed I Still Love You and I Think Of Her, respectively, and the songs were chart-topping hits on the indie Orbit Records label owned by British jazz singer Gery Scott.

Friday, December 10, 2010

DON`T LEAVE ME (Baby, Baby) - The Mystics

It was a great pleasure and honor meeting Michael Remedios and the Mystics in Macau, 05 December, 2010.