Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SONATA OF LOVE (Cris Solano & D`Swooners)

From Questing Bandstand:
They were a Filipino band formed in 1963. They went to Hong Kong and played in nightclubs. In 1965, they recorded “My Sonata of Love” (composed by Vic Cristobal) on the Diamond label which became a big hit. They opened for The Kinks and Manfred Mann in Hong Kong. A Japanese talent scout saw them and took them to Japan. They released two singles and two albums in Japan including the very successful psychedelic GS “Please Please Trina” on Philips in 1968. Cris Solano (vocals, bass), Charlie Cajilig (guitar), Ernie Espiritu (organ), Ronnie Parina (vocals, trumpet, saxophone), Eddie Fortuno (drums)

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