Wednesday, August 11, 2010

ONCE UPON A TIME (The Zoundcrackers)


  1. Lovely music, brought back happy memories.

  2. Anyone knows what has happened to this group?
    Where are they now ???

    1. From Youtube (Shatinterry): Joe Junior, real name, Jose Marie Rodrigues born on 22/7/1946. He was from a Portuguese family in Macau and moved to HK where he was born & grew up. Ever since 1963, when Joe Junior became one of the top winner of the New Star Talent Contest and formed his first band with The Hunters and later D'Topnotes, the singer in him, has never look back. Joe's biggest break with his new outfit 'The Zoundcrackers' was when they were spotted by a producer of Diamond Record Co. during their debut performance as the supporting act of The Searchers concert in HK in 1965. After some members changes & left Zoundcrackers,Joe formed his new band Jor Junior & The Side-Effect. Starting with his first album 'Once Upon A Time' in 1965, Joe enjoyed almost ten years of both critical and commercial success which included 'Here's A Heart', a huge success, remaining in the No.1 spot of RTHK Top of The Pop Chart for seven consecutive weeks. Joe suffred from a major set-back in the 80s & early 90s, when Disco music & Karaoke dominate the pop scene, Luckily Joe had a successful return with the recording of 'Memories of the Sixties' in 1996. Text extract from 'Memories of The Sixties' CD