Saturday, October 2, 2010

REASONS WHY (Anders Nelsson and The Ming)

The Kontinentals, a schoolboy band originating at King George V School, is often credited with being the first Hong Kong band to record original compositions in the style of British pop of the early 1960s. Lead singer and bassist Anders Nelsson and lead guitarist Roy Davenport, composed I Still Love You and I Think Of Her, respectively, and the songs were chart-topping hits on the indie Orbit Records label owned by British jazz singer Gery Scott. Prior to this most English-language recordings in the British Colony had been so-called cover versions and with a few exceptions this trend continued in the 60s. Anders Nelsson continued as a singer song-writer with subsequent bands on the Diamond Music label and hits included Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, Missing You and How Do You Do. Nelsson later resurfaced in the early 70s with a band called Ming which recorded mostly his own compositions, including Reasons Why, Never Coming Home and U 'n I. After the band broke up in 1976 Nelsson joined the label as a producer, eventually working his way up to A&R Manager. He left three years later to start his own company which managed and produced artists such as Louie Castro and Rowena Cortes, recording both in English and Cantonese

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