Friday, August 31, 2012

SHAKIN` ALL OVER (Philip Chan and The Astro-Notes)

From Wikipedia: Philip Chan Yan-Kin (simplified Chinese: 陈欣健; traditional Chinese: 陳欣健; pinyin: Chen Xinjian; born 25 January 1945) is a Hong Kong actor, film director, producer, screenwriter and music composer of Taishan area origin. Philip first made his popularity in the then British Colony of Hong Kong by being the lead vocalist for the first all-Chinese college pop group, “The Astro-Notes” (taken after the Astronauts representing the US and the Sputniks representing the USSR during the space race in the early 60’s. He became a household name when he joined the Royal Hong Kong Police in 1965 by displaying courage and leadership in solving several sensational, major crime cases in the British Colony, including the first ever armed bank robbery in 1974 in which 11 hostages were held at ransom. He was nicknamed the “Singing Inspector” when he wrote the lyrics and went on TV to promote road safety for school children. His success in police work earned him a quick promotion to Superintendent of Police in 1975.

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